Distribution Settings

There are several distribution types of distribution options for your LifePaks. These include

  • Test or Participant Distribution
  • Registered  or Anonymous Mobile Accounts
  • Access
    • Open
    • Code
    • Private
    • Anonymous

We will go through each in detail here.


Test or Participant Distribution

Test distribution can be used for piloting purposes and not count against your LifePak download count. These LifePaks are limited to the RealLife Exp mobile app account with the same email address as the LifeData account.

Participant distribution can be delivered in any of the below methods, and counts toward the LifePak download count.

Registered  or Anonymous Mobile Accounts

“Registered”  LifePaks are the default setting where it says “Registered account with full features”. All of the LifeData platform features are available when participants create an account and login.   

“Anonymous”LifePaks can be used by toggling to “Anonymous participant with limited features” before you publish the LifePak. When you use this method, you will still be able to publish in “Public (now called “Open”) or Semi-Private” (now called “Code”) modes, but you will not be able to publish in “Private” mode. 


Open Lifepaks are available to anyone and do not need an access code. These types of Paks might be used for Paks that you would want anyone to be able to download and use.

Code LifePaks are gated by an access code. Give users this access code so they can access the Pak.This type gives the option of a little more privacy, as only those with a code can download the Pak.

Private LifePaks are only available to users with emails that you specify. This email is the address that is associated with the mobile app LifeData account, so make sure the correct email is verified on both ends. Private LifePaks are also the only LifePak Type that can be used by users with a Personal Plan. Note: Users seeking to download a private LifePak must search for the LifePak in the Download LifePak area- the LifePak is not automatically "pushed" to them. 

Anonymous LifePaks allow participants to download and use LifePaks without registering for a LifeData account. As a result, participants will be completely anonymous from the perspective of the LifeData database (as well as you the researcher, if you choose not to gather identifying information from them).

If you choose to this method, please note the following features that WILL NOT function in Anonymous Distribution mode:   

  • Yoking will not function since anonymous users do not have a LifeData account with email address  
  • Informed Consent Prompts can be completed by participants, but an email with the signed document will not be sent to participants
  • “Private” LifePaks cannot be published  


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