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LifePak Download Status
The LifePak will not be considered downloaded on a user's phone until everything within the LifePak is downloaded (including all images). This will mean that LifePaks with many images will not continue to download those images in the background, even after it says that the LifePak has been downloaded, as was previously the case.
Skip and OK Button Status Change
Whenever a mobile user taps OK or Skip button, the latest Time Stamp will be saved in Response Table. For Response Lapse, we will store the cumulative sum of lapses (on OK or Skip Button pressed for same Prompt). In case of Branch Prompt, if branch is deleted (e.g., they go back in the branch) and they start the same branch, then after deletion previous lapse will be 0.
We will also show a warning Popup if user taps on Skip and they have provided a response.

Skip button warning popup if data is saved in DB by OK button tapped already
If a mobile user answers a Prompt (with data) and presses the green OK button, but then goes back (using back button) to that prompt and presses Skip, then a warning popup will appear so that user can be careful before losing the data.
Note: If a mobile user selects an answer without selecting OK, then taps the skip button, the warning popup won't be shown. The popup will only be shown if the data is already saved into database.

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Photo Entry Prompt
User responds by taking up to three photos, or uploading up to three photos from their gallery.

Disable GPS Data Collection
This will be located in the Create/Edit LifePak area. When "yes" is selected, the LifePak will not gather GPS data on the mobile device. The app will not collect or store any location information in Response Table if Location Service is Disable during Pak Creation (if server sends DisableLocation = 1 in Pak Modal/Data)

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