Session Duration

Session Duration helps you determine how long do you want notifications to be sent to mobile users who have downloaded your LifePak. There are four options to choose from:

a. Same as Pak: this option allows you to deliver Notifications for as long as the LifePak is active. So if you have a LifePak that is scheduled to run for the month of August, then the Notifications using the "Same as Pak" designation will be delivered during the month of August (depending on the other specifications you establish, which are described below)

b. Limit by Range of Days: Notifications will be delivered only during the range of days you have specified. Start and End days are based on the time when the LifePak is downloaded. Specify the Start and End day to establish when the Notifications will be delivered. For example, if you want a set of Notifications to be delivered during the first week of LifePak use you would enter the Start Day as 1 and End day as 7.

c. Limit by Range of Dates: delivery of Notifications will begin on the start date and the last set of Notifications will be delivered on the end date.

d. Limit by Completed Responses: Notifications will be delivered based on the established schedule, until the specified number of Session Instances are completed. For example, if you specify 5 Total Completed Session Instances, then the mobile user has to respond to 5 Notifications and complete all of the Prompts within those 5 Session Instances before Notifications for that NIS cease. IMPORTANT: if you limit Notifications by completed responses, then any other NIS you create for the LifePak must also be limited by completed responses. And when you have more than one NIS limited by completed response, the order that the NISs are listed in the web application are the order in which they are presented to the Mobile User. You can drag an NIS to change the order.

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