Downloading Data

You can download your data to .csv file, which you can upload to your preferred statistical program, at any point in your study. 

First, navigate to the Data Download at the top of your screen. There, you will see all of your published LifePaks. 

To the left of each LifePak, you will see five download options: Startup, UIS, and NIS. 


To download startup data, simply click the startup icon.


To download UIS or NIS data, click on one of the icons. 

You will have three options: download the data via Long Format, Wide Format, or a summary of the data. 


For Long Format, you have the option of downloading all, or specific sessions. Further, you can choose to include multiple download data. Click download when finished. 


For wide format, you can choose to download all, or selected, sessions, as well. Click download when finished. 


For summary data, select which sessions you want to download. Optionally, you can choose the the range (days or sessions) that you would like to download. Click download when finished.

If you are having difficulty downloading the data, please try these steps:

1. Be sure that you have enabled popups from the LifeData website.  Most browsers will give you a message when you try to download a file, asking if you want to enable popups from the website.

2. Check your download folder within your browser to see if files have been saved there.  You should be able to access your browser’s download folder from the main menu in your browser.

3. If necessary, try another internet browser.  Our system is designed to run on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.

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