Prompt Types

There are multiple types of prompts to choose from when making a LifePak. Browse through this article to see your options. 


Range Slider Free Response

A rating scale question allows your users to answer on a spectrum.

A rating scale question allows your users to answer on a spectrum. 

Multiple Choice

Rating Scale

You can use up to ten multiple-choice options in your prompts. Multiple-choice also allows branching to follow-up questions. To learn more about branching, click here.

Rating scales function as Likert scales, and are different from Range Slider questions, in that values on the scale are labeled. Further, Rating Scale questions are compatible with Branching. 

Numeric Entry

Number Wheel

This option allows users to report using their numeric keypad.

This option allows users to respond to a specific range of numeric responses on a number wheel.

Date and Time Amount of Time
Allows users to report the day and time of an event. Users can report the amount of hours and minutes they spent doing something.
Text Only Picture (with or without text)
To present text without gathering a response, use a Text Only prompt. Present a picture to users with or without text.
Web Page  Consent
User answers up to 40 options you create and list vertically.  


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