Creating a StartUp Session

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Startup Sessions are the optional first set of questions your participants will answer once they’ve downloaded the Pak. Usually this session is used to provide instructions and/or gather preliminary information.

Further, the Startup session can be used to gather identifying information about the mobile users. The system records a User ID, reported in the downloaded dataset. However, LifePak creators must ask the mobile users for identifying information to match the mobile user to their data. For more information click here

Note: Although Startup Sessions are optional, Notification Initiated Sessions and User Initiated Sessions will not be available to mobile users until the Startup session is completed.

Begin by clicking on the “+” next to Start Up Session. 


This will give you a number of question type options to choose from. To learn about the different prompt types and step-by-step instructions on how to make them, click here.




You can add as many questions as you would like to the Startup Session.

However, please remember that this is a one-time Session, similar to a traditional survey.

Once you are finished, you can begin creating questions that are sent via notification - Notification Initiated Sessions (NIS) and questions users can report themselves - User Initiated Sessions (UIS).

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