Creating a LifePak

Want to see a demonstration?

To create a new LifePak, you’ll start out in the LifePak Builder and Manager. Begin by clicking 'Create New LifePak."

Once in "Create New LifePak," you will need to

  • Name your LifePak
  • Write a description
  • Specify start and end dates (optional- for more information, click here)
  • Choose privacy settings
  • Choose if you want to display response rate
  • Choose whether response is required
  • Choose whether the back button is disabled
  • Select categories for your Pak.

You can choose the download availability for your Pak. However, this is optional. If there are no dates, the Pak will run according to the session definitions. If you specify only the end date, the Pak can simply run until it is terminated.


You can select the mobile user Pak download privacy settings as Public, Semi-Private, or Private. Learn more about privacy settings here.

Showing NIS response rate shows the participant the percentage of prompts they have responded to (helpful for participant compensation).

"Require Response" does not allow a participant to leave a question blank or skip.

"Disable Back Button" restricts the participant from going back in the session. 

"Download Limit" limits the number of times a participant can download a LifePak so that data is continuous. 

You will also select categories for your Pak.


Once you are finished, click “Create.”  

Congratulations! You have officially created a LifePak. Now, you can begin by creating a Startup Session, adding content to your notification-based (Notification Initiated Session/NIS), and/or user-based (User Initiated Session/UIS) Sessions.

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