Creating a LifePak

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To create a new LifePak, you’ll start out in the LifePak Builder and Manager. Begin by clicking 'Create."


Next, name your LifePak and give it an optional description. 




If you have participants in the EU, choose whether you want your study to be GDPR compliant. 


The platform automatically gathers GPS coordinates with each session. Choose to disable this feature here. 


Yoking links the responses of one partner participant to another. Choose to enable Yoking and define partners here. Learn more about Yoking. 



If you offer an incentive for your participants to maintain a certain response rate, you can help your participants keep track of their progress by enabling "Show Response Rate" for NIS and/or UIS.

mceclip7.png mceclip6.png

Require Response does not allow a participant to leave a question blank or skip. Disable Back Button restricts the participant from going back in the session. These settings can be controlled at the individual prompt and Blok level. 


Test mode allows you to download your LifePak to YOUR ACCOUNT so you can pilot your LifePak without counting against your LifePak download total. Distribute to Participants allows others to download your LifePak and their download counts against your LifePak download total. 


Registered users use an email address and password to create an account in the app. This step is necessary for certain functions such as Yoking, Private LifePaks, and email of consent forms. 

Anonymous users do not need to provide an email address. This feature is helpful for HIPAA compliance and other IRB requirements, as participants do not provide personal identifying information. 


"Open" access allows participants to download your LifePak uninhibited once they have searched for and found it. The "Code" setting requires participants to enter a password you specify. "Private" setting only allows users with certain emails for their registered accounts to download your LifePak.


Distribution schedule is not necessarily the duration of your study. Instead, it is when your LifePak is available to be downloaded. This setting is optional, but if used, you can specify beginning and end dates, or one or the other. 



Download Limit limits the number of times a participant can download a LifePak so that data is continuous. 


Once you are finished, click “Create.”  

Congratulations! You have officially created a LifePak. Now, you can begin by creating a Startup Session, adding content to your notification-based (Notification Initiated Session/NIS), and/or user-based (User Initiated Session/UIS) Sessions.

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