Range Slider Prompt

To make a Range Slider prompt, select it from the prompt menu.



Next, enter the question label and text. 




Select whether you want your Range Slider number show as numbers, or as a percentage. For this example, we will choose numeric. 


Determine your minimum and maximum values for your Range Slider. (If you choose percentage, you might want to use 1 for minimum and 100 for maximum.)



The interval is the value you place between each number in your range slider. Using 1 is common. However, be sure that your interval is at least half of the difference between your maximum value. (For example, be sure you use an interval of at least 5 for this example of 1-10.)


Lastly, choose the captions for your minimum and maximum values, then click "Create."



Lastly, select the final options of 

  • Numeric feedback
  • Require response
  • Disable back buton
  • Add Triggers



When you're finished, you can preview your prompt

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