Creating a Blok

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Bloks are an organizing unit for your Prompts and help provide more flexibility to your study.

These units can help you organize in two main ways: 

1. Content: Bloks can act as "banks" of similar question types. If you want users to answer one or two of several in the "bank" at a time, use Bloks to group and specify how many of each you would like delivered in each session. 

2. Variability: You can use Bloks to schedule variability into your sessions, as you can use them to indicate the number of questions in a Blok that are to be delivered, and the order that the prompts are delivered in (in the order listed or random). 

Another aspect about Bloks is that they can be copied between LifePaks- keep this in mind when you’re making them.

To learn more about Bloks, click here. 


To start, click on “Create New Blok of Prompts.”



Next, you can name your Blok, and specify the number of Prompts that will be pulled form each Blok for each Session.



Next, you can select whether you want the Prompts within the Bloks to be presented to the user in the order listed, or randomly.



Next, you will put Prompts within the Blok. Click “Create new Prompt” to begin.



After this, you will again see a menu of question type/prompts to choose from.

For this example, we will start with a range slider question, and fill out the information.



 Click “Create new Prompt” again to input other questions. 





Further, with multiple-choice and rating scale Prompts, you can use branching. This allows you to create follow up Prompts based on a given response.To learn more, click here.


If you want, click “Create New Blok of Prompts” to make another Blok, and repeat the process above.


You can add an existing Blok of Prompts, if you have Bloks created from previous work. To learn more, click here.



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