NIS Schedules - Fixed and Random

When creating NIS schedules, you can choose Fixed or Randomized notifications; the notifications will be sent at a fixed time, or a random time between two time points specified by you.




If you want notifications to be sent at a specific time, select fixed.

Then, you have the option to select which days the notifications will be sent. You can select everyday, certain days of the week, or exact dates.



For everyday, you simply have to choose the time(s) you want to send your notification.



To add an additional time, click “Add notification time.”



Certain Days of the Week

For certain days of the week, you can choose the days you want the notification sent on, and the time(s) it is sent.



 Exact Dates

For exact dates, simply choose the day(s) and time(s) for your notification. Click “Add notification date” or “Add notification time” to select multiple days/times.



To have your notifications sent at a random time between two intervals, select "Randomized."

Next, you have the option of everyday, certain day of the week, and exact dates.

For the everyday option, choose the two times you want your notification to be sent between.



Then, select the number of notifications that you want sent within this time frame.


And, the number of minutes that you would like in between the random notifications.


For certain days of the week, or exact dates, simply choose the days and exact dates, along with these outlined parameters.


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