LifePak Publishing Statuses



An unpublished LifePak is a Pak that is not available for user download. Paks are in the “Unpublished” status when they are created or copied. When you are finished creating your LifePak, you must publish it, so that is available for users to download. 

To learn how to unpublish a LifePak, see this article.



Publishing a LifePak enables it to be downloaded by your Moblie Users.

Importantly, once your LifePak is published, edits cannot be made. Ensure your Pak is in the form you want it before you publish. Testing the Pak before it is available to multiple users is a recommended practice.

For instructions on how Mobile Users can download your LifePaks, click here.  



Making a LifePak unavailable means that the Pak is no longer able to be downloaded by Mobile Users. If a Mobile User has downloaded the Pak on his or her phone, it will remain available and active for them, for as long as the parameters allow, or until the Mobile User deletes the LifePak.

 To make a LifePak unavailable, press the cloud button with an “X,” and follow the on-screen directions.


Making a Pak available again

In order to make a LifePak available again, you must copy the unavailable LifePak, which will create a new, “Unpublished” copy.

To publish the copy, follow the instructions for publishing a LifePak.



An Ended LifePak indicates that the Pak has "run it's course" of sessions, or reached its end date. 

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