Publishing a LifePak

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Publishing your LifePak allows it to be available for users on their smartphones.

To learn more about the publishing settings for LifePaks, click here

Attention: You cannot edit a LifePak after it is published, so be sure it is configured the way you want. A good practice is to pilot your Pak before releasing it to multiple users. 


To begin, click the cloud button.



Select “Yes, I am sure.”



Congratulations! Your LifePak is available for download on users' smartphones.



If you realized that you would like to edit, or otherwise change, your LifePak after it has been published, click here to learn the best way to implement your changes.


To unpublish a Pak, click the cloud with the "X," then follow the prompts.

Your LifePak is now unavailable to users. To make this Pak available to users again, copy it, and publish. 

For more information about publishing settings, please click here.

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