Creating a User Initiated Notification

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User Initiated Sessions (UIS) are questions that people can answer on their own, and are available without receiving a notification.


To create a UIS, click on the “+” sign next to the User Initiated Sessions.



For this example, Mobile Users will have the option to report if they are currently having a cigarette craving. They will be asked questions about the exact time of the craving (although the time of their response will be time-stamped in the data), the strength of their craving, and whether they smoked a cigarette.


This process will be very similar to that of NIS creation. First, name the UIS. Select the Session Duration (whether you want the UIS to last as long as the Pak, for a certain range of days of the weeks, a range of dates, or make it so the user can only answer the UIS a certain number of times before it is unavailable). For more information about these options, and how to choose them, click here.



Next, we will create a Blok of Prompts. Click “Create New Blok of Prompts.”


Next, name the Blok (we’ll call it Rep. Crav.), select the number of Prompts to be taken from the Blok per Session, and the order the Prompts should be delivered. For more information about these options, click here.



Next, we’ll create Prompts for the Blok. Click “Create new Prompt.”




Following these steps, we created three Prompts: a time and date question, range slider question, and multiple-choice question.

For information how to make these individual prompts, click here.

For information about branching, click here.  


Further, you can add additional UIS, as another set of questions/activities for the user to engage with. For this example, we added “Instead of Smoking” which could include picture Prompts with inspirational quotes.

Now you've finished your User Initiated Sessions.


If you're satisfied with your StartUp and Notification Initiated Sessions, you can move on to publishing your LifePak.


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