Creating a Notification Initiated Session

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Now that you have mastered the Startup Session, you can begin to make questions/messages people will receive via notification - Notification Initiated Sessions (NIS).

To learn more about Notification Initiated Sessions, click here.

Begin by clicking the “+” sign next to Notification Initiated Sessions.



Create a name for this Session. Keep in mind that this name will appear in the notification on the smartphone for the user.


Choose whether the NIS type is Regular or Trigger. If Trigger, choose "Timed to Trigger" (i.e. 15 minutes after response) or "Activated by Trigger" (i.e. a weeks worth of daily follow-up questions). 




Next, you will choose the Session Duration. This determines how long your NIS will be available to users. You have four options, ongoing, limit by range of days, limit by range of dates, and limit by completed Sessions. For more information about these options, click here. We will choose “Ongoing.”




The next option is to select whether the notifications will be sent at fixed or random times. For this example, we will select fixed. To learn more about these options, click here



The user response window determines how long the user has to respond to a notification after it has been sent. The time is set up in an hours: minutes format. So this example is set for one hour and five minutes.




 You can choose to send the NIS everyday, on certain days of the week, or on exact dates. To learn more, click here. For this example we will choose everyday.

Further, you can choose which time the notification will be sent.



Choose whether allow reminders, or additional notifications that remind participants to answer a prompt if they have not completed it. This example is set for two reminders: one ten minutes after the initial prompt, and another ten minutes later.


If you would like to add an additional fixed time, you can do so by clicking “Add Notification Time.” 

If you would like to add a different set of days for this set of NIS, you can click “Add Schedule.” Adding an additional might be especially useful if, for example, you want users to receive fewer notifications/later in the morning on the weekends vs. weekdays.  

You have now made your first NIS. Depending on your goal, you might add another NIS. To do this, click the “+” button, and follow the same process as before. Next, we will move on to making a “Blok.”

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