What security features are in place?

User ID & Passwords:

The LifePak Builder & Manager requires a user ID and password for access. Guard your User ID and password from unauthorized use. A subscriber is responsible for safeguarding login access. LifeData stores all passwords using a hashing method, meaning that LifeData will be unable to give your password if you forget it. You will need to use the automatic “forgot password” functionality to reset you password.

You are also required to create a login and password for the mobile application. If you are a LifePak Creators and use the mobile app as well, you will use the same User ID and password for both the web app and mobile app.



All data stored in the LifeData server is stored in an encrypted fashion. All data stored in the mobile application is stored using AES 265 bit encryption. Data being transmitted from the mobile device to the LifeData server is first encoded using Base64 and then encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption.

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