How to create a NIS?

After taking the initial steps in creating a LifePak (to learn how to do this, click here), the Session Definition window will open up next to the LifePak, or whenever you click on the bar for that LifePak in your LifePak list. Here, you will find a bar titled Notification Initiated Sessions (NIS). Click on the "+" to get started creating an NIS. You will then be walked through the three parts to creating an NIS:

  1. Labeling the Session, setting up basic characteristics, and scheduling alarms (or Notifications);

  2. Setting up a Blok (or Bloks) of Prompts (these are groupings of prompts that provide flexibility concerning when and how often prompts are delivered; see this article); and

  3. Creating Prompts (learn how to do this by clicking here).

You can always modify your work on each of these parts by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Session, Blok or Prompt label.

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