What are Sessions?

At their core, Sessions are ways of delivering prompts to your participants. They serve different purposes, and provide different ways of interacting with your participants.

There are 3 types of Sessions: Start up, Notification Initiated Sessions (NIS) and User Initiated Sessions (UIS).

  • Start up Session is the first Session LifePak users will see. This can be used to ask initial questions (e.g., demographic questions, participant ID) or provide initial instructions to the mobile user.

  • Notification Initiated (or Experience Sampling) Sessions are Sessions made of prompts that are delivered based on an alarm or notification schedule established by the LifePak Creator. Mobile Users can only interact with these prompts when notified to do so. LifePak creators establish the schedule for these notifications and the prompts coupled with these notifications.

  • User Initiated (or Event-contingent Sampling) Sessions are Sessions made of prompts that can be accessed by the Mobile User at will. These allow Mobile Users to report certain events, or to interact with techniques or practices when they want.
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