Which plan is right for me?

We designed our subscription plans to be able to meet a variety of needs. In order to make the decision making process easier, here is more information about the plans and the types of people who would use them:

Just as the name implies, the Basic plan is the bare minimum. With the ability to publish one, public LifePak at a time, and no access to data, this plan is suited for those looking to inspire change and provoke thoughtfulness.

Main features: one Public LifePak at a time, unlimited Mobile Users, up to 10 Prompts

Best suited for: self-help, small group leaders, educators, creative individuals, and EMI-only experiences

Our Personal plan is designed for individual use. Users can create and deliver LifePaks to themselves only, facilitating meaningful growth and enhanced self-awareness. With this plan, it is possible to graph data via the Data Dashboard and download raw data to a .csv file. This is also a great plan for researchers to get their feet wet before deciding to purchase a Premium Plan.

Main features: two Private LifePaks at at time, only available for yourself, access to data, unlimited Prompts

Best suited for: personal growth, quantified self, and testing out the features of the system before purchasing the Premium Plan

The Premium plan is the total package. LifePak Creators have unprecedented flexibility, freedom, and power to create and deliver LifePaks. With unlimited Mobile Users, Prompts, and LifePaks, reaching people and gathering data has never been easier.

Main features: unlimited Mobile Users, unlimited Prompts, unlimited Public LifePaks, up to 5 Private/Semi-Private LifePaks at a time, access to data

Best suited for: large research projects, consultants, coaches, organizations and businesses, and large communities


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