How do I download data?

  1. Log into the LifeData Web Application

  2. Go to the Data Download page, which can be accessed by clicking on the Data Download option in the menu bar.

  3. On the Data Download page, your published LifePaks will appear in a list. Beside each LifePak will be different download options for the data associated with that LifePak. Click on the data file format you want to download.
    • StartUp
    • UIS
    • NIS
    • UIS Summary
    • NIS Summary

  4. Your computer may ask you if you'd like to open the dataset or to save it, or it may automatically save the file to the Download folder for your browser. If you do not find your downloaded file, make sure your Popup Blocker is disabled.

  5. Your dataset will be downloaded as a .csv file. If you have Excel on your computer, it should be opened as an Excel file. It can also be opened up with SPSS, SAS, and other common statistical software.
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