What type of prompt should I use?

There are 10 prompts available to Creators. Eight of the prompts are questions that allow the Mobile User to respond. Two of the prompts (Text Statement and Picture) do not gather data from Mobile Users. And two prompts allow branching: Multiple Choice and Rating Scale. To learn more about branching, click here.

Range Sliders: Users respond by selecting a point on a sliding scale with anchors you create. For example, you could create a 1-10 scale with anchors "sad" and "happy" to assess mood. You also have the option of selecting percentages rather than numeric value for your slider. Sliders are user-friendly, add variety, and may help users think/respond in terms of a broad continuum.


Free Text: Users respond through text or by using voice recognition to text. This asks a little more of the user, but provides more detailed (qualitative) responses. This can be a good way to increase user engagement and/or add variety to the experience.


Multiple Choice: Users respond by selecting one of up to ten options. LifePak Creators formulate questions with the options listed vertically. Multiple choice questions allow for branching to follow-up questions based on the users response.


Rating Scale: Users respond by selecting from a set of scale options, listed horizontally. This functions as a Likert scale. These questions also allow for the creation of branching questions based on the users response.


Numeric Entry: Users respond by entering a value from a numeric keypad.


Number Wheel: Users respond by selecting a number from a range of options you specify on a spinning wheel.


Date and Time: Users respond by selecting a specific date and time.

Amount of Time: User respond by selecting the number of hours and minutes.


Text Statement: Only text is presented and the user does not provide a response. This is a way to provide instructions, a quote, reminder or motivating statements.


Picture With or Without Text: User is presented with a picture and optional text. User does not provide a response.



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