What is a LifePak?

A LifePak refers to the schedule of Notifications, Prompts, etc. that have been developed by individuals who have a subscription to the LifePak Builder and Manager, known as LifePak Creators. LifePaks are made available for download in the RealLife Exp mobile application.

In the LifeData Web App, LifePaks listed can have one of four statuses:

1. Unpublished: LifePak that is under construction and is not yet available to Mobile Users. These are highlighted in green on the LifePak list in the LifePak Builder and Manager. An unpublished LifePak must be published before it is available to Mobile Users.

2. Published: LifePak that has been created and made available to Mobile Users. Published LifePaks are highlighted in red and can be downloaded and used on the RealLife Exp mobile app, depending on the level of access (click here to learn more). Note that published LifePaks cannot be edited (see this article).

3. Unavailable: LifePaks that have been published for use by Mobile Users and then taken offline are highlighted in yellow. Once a LifePak has been taken offline it can no longer be downloaded by new Mobile Users. However, if a LifePak has been downloaded by a Mobile User and then that LifePak is taken offline, it will continue to run on Mobile Users' phones.

4. Ended: Some LifePaks are created with an end date. Once the end date arrives, the LifePak is not listed on the Mobile Download screen, so Mobile Users cannot download an ended LifePak.

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