What are the differences between Private, Semi-Private, and Public LifePaks?

Different LifePaks can be used for different purposes. How do you know which one is right for you and your users? The short answer is that it depends on how much control you want over who can access the LifePak. The long answer is a bit more detailed.



As unrestrictive as they come. Anyone can access and use this particular kind of LifePak. It will appear in the “Download LifePak” area for anyone to interact with, if they so choose. This is great if your LifePak is designed for reaching a large number of people, but could be a problem if you’re looking to only have certain individuals use it, for example a research study.



For Creators looking for a little bit more security. These types of LifePaks will still appear in the “Download LifePak” area, but users will need a code in order to access them. The creator can make the code whatever they want, and will have to share it with others in order for them to use the LifePak. This works if you want to limit the number of Mobile Users, but could be a problem if others get the code.



The surefire way that only the people you want can access your LifePaks. When creating the LifePak, you will have the ability to send this LifePak to certain email addresses. These individuals won’t receive an email with a link to download the LifePak, but instead will be able to download it directly from the app. This is perfect for most reseach projects, but could be a problem if the email address does not match up with the account used to sign into the app.


With three different types of LifePaks available to choose from, reaching others is as simple as finding the right fit for you.

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