Download and Reformat Response Times in Milliseconds

Response times within the mobile application are recorded in milliseconds; however, most people do not need this level of measurement.  If you are not most people and are interested in measuring response times more precisely, follow these steps to report response times in milliseconds:

  1. In the data download section, be sure to select “Yes”  for the “Report Response Times in Milliseconds”


  1. Download the data and open it in Excel.
  2. In Excel, you will see that the times are not reported to the millisecond.  That is due to the way Excel reads CSV files.  To fix this, do the following:
  3. Highlight the cells where you want to report time in milliseconds
  4. Choose “Format Cells” from the menu
  5. Select Custom (see below)
  6. Enter the following in the “Type” field (hh:mm:ss.000”)
  7. Click “Ok”


  1. You will see that values reported in the “Time” column of the Excel file appear to incorrectly report the time when a response was given.  They too need to be reformatted. You can change the format by following the same steps as before, but this time select “Time” instead of “Custom” and then choose the time format that best fits your needs.


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